• AED - Locations

AED - Locations

With financial contributions from the Neighborhood Association, four AEDs were recently installed in our neighbourhood. These AEDs are available 24/7.

  • Doctors surgery: intersection De Laat de Kanterstraat & Cobetstraat* MAP
  • Huis, intersection Roomburgerlaan & Kanaalstraat* MAP
  • Belastica/Keij Beheer, intersection Van 't Hoffstraat & Zeemanlaan* MAP
  • Tsjoe Tsjoe Chill kiosk in front of Station Lammenschans* MAP
  • Entrance gate of Roomburg Hockey club** MAP
* Profburgwijk pays 50% of the purchase costs and annual maintenance costs of these AEDs.

** Plus Lammenschans has donated this AED to Hockey Club Roomburg. It is located on the outside of the entrance gate.